Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Free to Do

As soon as I decide to be different, I come up with excuses to stay the same. After all, it’s easier to stay the same—no new territories to conquer—just status quo. I tell myself that I don’t have what it takes to be that person. And in the place that I’m currently in, I don’t have the strength to do new things. But if I begin moving forward, I soon find that I do have the strength for a new territory—motion begets strength. Staying still begets laziness.

When I’m still, I’m waiting on my own gumption to propel me forward and that usually only works for brief stints of motion. When I’m moving forward, I’m trusting in God’s ability to change me. It’s amazing what I can do with God surrounding me. If He sends me, He’ll go before me and back me up.

“I can’t” is a typical excuse that I come up with. Moses said that. He gave his list of inabilities to God instead of looking at God’s abilities. God answered him with, “Who gave man his mouth? Don’t you think I can do it through you?” God will back me up.

Is anything too hard for Him? I need to remember that God can do great things through me if I just stay in motion and give Him the opportunity.

There’s always opportunities to help another person. There’s a multitude of opportunities to serve another. The human race is a needy bunch. I want to stop my excuses and just do what I can and let God take my meager efforts and create masterpieces.

I desire to encourage others in daily ways and write entertaining stories that have a godly message. This world needs encouragement and good messages. If I work in that regard, God will be with me. I say, “But what if I fail?” God says, “I will not fail you.” I desire to just begin, do what I can each day, and let God fill in the gaps. Perseverance is a great quality and I want to pursue it. The more I do, the more I’ll feel energized. I need not shoot for perfection. I can be like a little child alone with fingerpaints–messy but having fun.

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