Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Dear Child

My Dear Child,

I know it’s hard to go through circumstances when you don’t see the end. And I know you don’t always understand. But I do. I am using circumstances to strengthen your character. Come to Me no matter what. Come to Me with your thoughts and feelings. I’m listening. I want you to tell Me everything. Even when you are speechless, come to Me and listen. Know this for sure, I see you everyday, in every circumstance. I have not forgotten you. I will not forsake you. I love you. Daily seek My will for your life and when you know it, walk in it. When you walk with courage, hope and perseverance, you show your faith to others. It is on display for all to see. And that is one of the best advertisements for knowing Me. When you feel discouraged or even depressed, come to Me. I will speak My Truth to you through My Spirit. I will continue to speak that Truth until you absorb it. You need to read My Word and listen.

Satan knows your weaknesses and he knows how to magnify them so that is all you see. He is happy when he can get you to stop walking and he is happiest when you step off the path completely. He gets you to wait for a more opportune time to do My Work. He tells you that you can do that later. There’s plenty of time, he says. He holds up a mirror and gets you to see only yourself. He is cunning and shrewd. Don’t try to fight him. Call on Me. Speak My Word out loud and he will shrink back.

Your heart is prone to unbelief. Discouragement grows in there so easily. If you can’t do something perfectly you think why do it at all. This is an absurd thought straight from the enemy. I welcome whatever you do as long as it is done out of love and gratitude. I don’t look for your successes; I look for your faithfulness. I can take the smallest act and use it for My Glory. Meditate on the gratitude you feel for My Work on the Cross and let it well up inside you until it comes out as loving, compassionate, kind acts toward others. And excel at trying to outdo those deeds. Every day think of new loving acts that you can do. Keep reaching for the next rung of the ladder not to earn My Love but to shine with the Love I already gave you.

My Holy Spirit will never leave you until I have accomplished My Work in you. Don’t ever forget that My Spirit is within you – not next to you, not near by – but within you. Cry to Him. Don’t grieve Him. Cry out to Him to flood your soul with Living Water. So much that it has nowhere else to go except to overflow onto others.

Expect the unexpected. Believe that all My Promises are true. If I am with you, why should you fear?  If I am your refuge, then even if the earth is removed and the mountains fall into the sea, you will be safe in My Everlasting Arms. Be faithful and true and know that nothing you do in My Name is ignored by Me. I see it all. I saved you and I aim to give you blessings. Keep looking to Me. I will give you life. And what I start know for certain I will finish. I have loved you since the beginning of time and I will love you for all eternity.


Monday, February 20, 2012

Psalm 139 Paraphrase/Prayer

Lord, You know me so well--You know when I am weak
You know when I am positive and strong
You know my thoughts even before I think them
The path I’m on is clear to You--You see its end
You know when I’m striving to get there
You know when I’m holding back
Every word I speak, whether blessing or curse, is known by You
Even when I wander – which I’m very prone to do
You place boundaries so I can only go so far
Your guidance is a treasure – so undeserved and free
Where can I go that You won’t be waiting when I get there?
Where can I run that You don’t see?
Even when my deeds could send me to hell--You pull me back again
When I let go of Your hand--You grip mine even tighter
You shine Your light into the darkness of my heart
You created me to be who You wanted me to be
You designed me without my consent – imagine that
I may have done it differently--My ways are not Your ways
I see things I’d rather be instead of what I am
I’m sorry for this foolishness – this rebellion – this sin
Your works are marvelous--when I see it Your way, I win
You knew the plan of my life from the start
You knew my hindrances and my weaknesses too
And You always had it under Your sovereign control
Nothing shocks You--You know it all
I thank You for Your thoughts of me
Thoughts of peace, of hope, and of a bright future
I will continue to seek You--to know Your will
And You will show me each day clearly
You probably won’t show me more than a day at a time 
Because You know me all too well
You know what I can handle and You know what I cannot
I pray that my love for You never wavers 
Because I know that Yours doesn’t for me
Help me to trust in You more fully
And let Your will be the all-in-all for me

Little Lamb

This scene, based on the heart and character of a young King David, illustrates God’s immense love for us. He guides us, comes after us, keeps us safe, and loves us with his whole heart.

In a desert right outside of Bethlehem, we see a lamb underneath a bush. Its fleece is stuck in the thorns of the bush. It is crying.
A voice calls out in the distance, “Where are you?  Little lamb, I’m looking for you.”
The lamb’s head lifts up in recognition. It tries to get up but only gets tangled up more. It cries out again.
A handsome young man gets closer to the bush and notices the lamb. David smiles, “There you are. I”ve been looking all over for you.”  David bends down and gently rubs the lamb’s head. He notices that its fleece is caught in the thorns. “Well, look what you’ve gotten yourself into now.”
David proceeds to loosen the lamb’s fleece from the thorns. He gets him free and pulls him out from under the bush. He hugs the lamb gently. “I’m glad you’re okay. Come on, let’s go home.”  He then puts the lamb around the back of his neck. The lamb, knowing it’s safe now, rests its head on David’s shoulder and closes its eyes.

Letter from God

Dear Children,

My Hand will always be upon you. I will always be there to help. What?  You say that it doesn’t always “feel” loving?  That may be true. It doesn’t always “feel” loving. My Hand brings anointing but that same Hand applies pressure when needed. My precious child, don’t resist that pressure. It is there to refine you and make you new. I am about new things. I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow but My Work is new each day.

You are my vessel. But you are marred and not as transparent as you need to be. You tend to obstruct My Light instead of reflecting it to others. Rest in Me. I will work those problems out. Walk beside me. Not in front of me and not behind me but yoked beside me. In that way, we will get to those new places I mentioned. Trust Me. I know every facet of your life. I know where you’ve been. I know where you’re going.

Most of all, believe Me. Don’t just say you believe. Believe.