Monday, February 20, 2012

Psalm 139 Paraphrase/Prayer

Lord, You know me so well--You know when I am weak
You know when I am positive and strong
You know my thoughts even before I think them
The path I’m on is clear to You--You see its end
You know when I’m striving to get there
You know when I’m holding back
Every word I speak, whether blessing or curse, is known by You
Even when I wander – which I’m very prone to do
You place boundaries so I can only go so far
Your guidance is a treasure – so undeserved and free
Where can I go that You won’t be waiting when I get there?
Where can I run that You don’t see?
Even when my deeds could send me to hell--You pull me back again
When I let go of Your hand--You grip mine even tighter
You shine Your light into the darkness of my heart
You created me to be who You wanted me to be
You designed me without my consent – imagine that
I may have done it differently--My ways are not Your ways
I see things I’d rather be instead of what I am
I’m sorry for this foolishness – this rebellion – this sin
Your works are marvelous--when I see it Your way, I win
You knew the plan of my life from the start
You knew my hindrances and my weaknesses too
And You always had it under Your sovereign control
Nothing shocks You--You know it all
I thank You for Your thoughts of me
Thoughts of peace, of hope, and of a bright future
I will continue to seek You--to know Your will
And You will show me each day clearly
You probably won’t show me more than a day at a time 
Because You know me all too well
You know what I can handle and You know what I cannot
I pray that my love for You never wavers 
Because I know that Yours doesn’t for me
Help me to trust in You more fully
And let Your will be the all-in-all for me

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