Monday, February 20, 2012

Little Lamb

This scene, based on the heart and character of a young King David, illustrates God’s immense love for us. He guides us, comes after us, keeps us safe, and loves us with his whole heart.

In a desert right outside of Bethlehem, we see a lamb underneath a bush. Its fleece is stuck in the thorns of the bush. It is crying.
A voice calls out in the distance, “Where are you?  Little lamb, I’m looking for you.”
The lamb’s head lifts up in recognition. It tries to get up but only gets tangled up more. It cries out again.
A handsome young man gets closer to the bush and notices the lamb. David smiles, “There you are. I”ve been looking all over for you.”  David bends down and gently rubs the lamb’s head. He notices that its fleece is caught in the thorns. “Well, look what you’ve gotten yourself into now.”
David proceeds to loosen the lamb’s fleece from the thorns. He gets him free and pulls him out from under the bush. He hugs the lamb gently. “I’m glad you’re okay. Come on, let’s go home.”  He then puts the lamb around the back of his neck. The lamb, knowing it’s safe now, rests its head on David’s shoulder and closes its eyes.

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