Thursday, April 12, 2012

Eagles Soar

Eagles soar. Soaring means to rise, fly, or glide high and with little apparent effort. Soaring requires very little wing-flapping, enabling eagles to conserve energy. In my own strength, I just expend a lot of energy with minimal results, tend to go in circles, and burn out quickly. In His Strength, it is possible to soar like an eagle. What does it mean when walking with the Lord is compared to soaring like eagles? I have always loved this Scripture but the idea of soaring like an eagle rather alluded me. I wanted with my whole heart to live my life for the Lord in that way but most of the time it didn’t feel like soaring. It did not feel effortless. It felt a bit rigid and even legalistic. I read and studied about grace and God’s love and I believed wholeheartedly that nothing I can do would make Him love me less or more. Nevertheless, in my mind, I was still trying to do things in my own strength so it didn’t feel effortless. When I am living daily in my strength, it will never feel effortless. I will always be trying to do better and using a lot of energy worrying over the things that I’m not doing. When I am living in His strength, it will feel effortless. By effortless, I don’t mean that I do not do anything. A good definition of effortless is apparently requiring no effort. It looks like there is no or little effort. Actually, the effort comes from another source that isn’t seen. An eagle soars by the effort of the wind but it does have to open up its wings. When I let God take control, life becomes effortless in the same way.

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